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Desk Pet - Unique Tiny Companion - Black

Desk Pet - Unique Tiny Companion - Black

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Meet my latest collection - charming Desk Pets!

Every Desk Pet is a one-of-a-kind creation, meticulously shaped and glazed by hand. No two are alike, making each sculpture a unique piece of art. My Desk Pets sculptures take the form of cute little animals, though their exact species might be delightfully ambiguous. This playful ambiguity adds to their charm, inviting you to interpret and imagine which animal they might be. Designed to be your constant companion, these tiny sculptures fit perfectly on your desk, in your handbag, or on your windowsill. They are not just decorations but tiny pieces of art that you can carry with you, making every moment a little more special. These sculptures are more than just visual treats—they are incredibly tactile. The different textures of the glaze, ranging from smooth to slightly rough, provide a pleasing contrast that invites you to touch and play. They are perfect as fidget toys, offering a soothing and engaging experience. Some of them come with tiny paws or openings that can hold a small flower or dried bloom. This delightful feature allows you to personalize your sculpture, adding a fresh element of nature that you can change every day.

Brighten your day with a Desk Pet – a tiny, tactile, and endlessly charming piece of art that makes you smile!

Technical notes:
I use a variety of glazes that interact in the kiln, producing stunning and unpredictable colour combinations. The clay itself varies from pristine white to deep black, adding to the individuality of each piece.
Desk Pets are delicate art pieces, not toys, and should not be handled by small children. They are not food safe and should not be used for food or drink purposes.  
Due to the glaze layering effect, colours may appear different under various lighting conditions. I have made my best effort to photograph them from all angles to show the colours accurately, but please be aware that photos were taken with flash and colours may vary in different lighting.

About this particular piece:
Size (approximate measurements): height 5 cm, length 3 cm. Black clay. Maker's mark at the bottom of the sculpture.
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